Striving for the best

What is MoX

We use only state of the art features and are going to help advance research and development in the CryptoNote ecosystem.

Features MoX
Range Proof Bulletproofs
Proof of work CNRv1
Difficulty Adjustment LWMA
Total Supply 18400000 + tail emission
Block Time 5 minutes
Block Reward 32 + erosion
Minimum Ringsize 10
RPC Server Port 62469
P2P Server Port 6246


Longer Term

Human Friendly Addresses

From a User eXperience point of view, addresses are not very easy to read / remember. We want to bring a new type of addresses which would consist of mnemonic$ We believe this would drastically increase the overall user experience to not have to deal with unintelligible strings of numbers/letters
Litepaper #1

Hardware Specialization Resistance

We want to make MoX the most resistant to specialized hardware mining (FPGA/ASICs) in the CryptoNote ecosystem.
Monero made a huge step toward ASIC resistance, but we believe it won't suffice for smaller coins to have a real protection against FPGA. We're convinced people will start mining (or already started) with those.
Since the ASICs went off the networks, they became worth investing into.
We'll protect from that by adding an extra layer of FPGA hard cryptography into the Proof of Work.

Quantum Resistance

There's a future where quantum computers could completely destroy cryptocurrencies if nothing is previously done. Proof of Work in it's current state is trivially broken by quantum computing. The good thing is, we already know how to prevent this. Our goal is to implement these solutions into CryptoNote to provide an alternative for this future.
Litepaper #2
Shorter Term
Official Pool
Web Wallet
Mobile Wallets