What is MoX?

Anonymous PoW Cryptocurrency

Coin Characteristics

total supply MoX Logo 18.400.000
circulating supply MoX Logo 5.027.488
market cap 4597.00
block time 5 minutes
block reward 32 + erosion
IPFS/ZN Dynamic Checkpoint Network

No more 51% attacks

The MoX Project, in collaboration with Torque (XTC) [formerly Stellite (XTL)], is developing IPFS/ZN Dynamic Checkpoint Network that effectively makes 51% attacks and double-spends a thing of the past.

The solution uses a checkpointing mechanism built on top of XTC’s innovatively integrated IPFS & ZeroNet technology to create regular checkpoints of the hash and height of mined blocks. Once checkpointed, a block must be included in the chain. This effectively renders potential shadowchains created by bad actors useless. Even in the event majority hashing power was achieved, checkpoint verification would fail, thus eliminating the threat of a double spend.

Built-in, Private Data Management Suite

The MoX Wallet

The MoX Wallet is the hub of a completely customizable, encryptable, robust data management suite that makes you the central authority on your data.

Take control

An open-source browser plugin, mobile app & desktop app allow you to collect the data you choose, encrypt it, and determine where it’s stored.

Be your own broker

The MoX buyer’s interface allows parties to bid on bulk or refined data. If you decide to monetize your data, you determine who you’ll transact with, what data you’re willing to sell, and at what price. Data transactions are peer-to-peer, with no fees and no intermediaries.

Stay Anonymous

Data buyers must reveal their identities, but sellers always transact securely and anonymously.

MoX logo


Q2 2019

MoX Mobile Wallet Release

Q3 2019

Launch of IPFS Dynamic Checkpoint Network

Q4 2019/Q1 2020

Integration of MoX Data Management Suite & launch of:

  • Browser extension
  • Desktop app
  • Mobile app
  • Data buyer interface

Trade Mox

You can trade MoX at the following exchanges:


Mine Mox

  • ProfitbotPro

  • MiningOcean

  • OptimusBlue

  • Crypto9Coin

  • CommunityPool

  • FairHash

  • CoinsForHash